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"I reached out to Kelly when my son was just 4 weeks old because the start to my breastfeeding journey was a little rocky and my son was not gaining weight on the pediatricians timeline. Kelly was prompt in setting up a phone consultation and we had our first in person session within a week. I found Kelly compassionate, knowledgeable and received immediate improvement with nursing. I have so much more confidence now in my breastfeeding abilities and contribute that to Kelly’s guidance."
- Carey

"Kelly understood me and what I was going through. She gave me advice that worked! What she said made sense and she explained things well. She followed up with me and I could tell she really cared about me and my baby. Breastfeeding is challenging for lots of different reasons and I’m so grateful that I found Kelly to help me. She will be the first person I reach out to with any breastfeeding concerns!"
- Derya 


"Kelly saved my breastfeeding experience and I am so grateful for her your support, expertise and guidance. 


I called Kelly nearly in tears after my first doctor’s appointment with my newborn. My baby girl had lost nearly a pound from birth, and was jaundiced. While we were able to nurse in the hospital, I started having Issues when my supply came in at home.  My boobs were huge and swollen and my newborn could no longer latch. My nursing sessions with my newborn turned from precious moments of bonding to ones of mutual frustration and tears. 


Kelly immediately talked me off a cliff and offered the emotional support I needed during this tenuous time. She also came came over to my house during our next feeding to help me with my latch, offered improved feeding positions, and put together a game plan to help my baby regain her birth weight. She checked in on us daily and came back with her scale to make sure my baby was gaining weight. 


Being able to breastfeed my baby was a goal of mine in this journey into motherhood and I have Kelly to thank for achieving this goal." 
- Alyssa

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